Museums, Music & Culture in Vienna

Museums, Music & Culture in Vienna

Vienna is perhaps the city most suited to those looking for a city break filled with culture & music. The history of music, as well as its modern day music scene, is probably Vienna's most famous pull for visitors, but Vienna also has a selection of impressive art galleries and museums, not to mention the stunning architecture, cathedrals and other historical buildings. With other destinations in Europe like Rome, Prague and Barcelona becoming more and more popular, Vienna is sometimes overlooked. This can work to a visitor's advantage. With European cities filling with tourists, especially in the summer months, Vienna can offer a calmer, less chaotic way of seeing a city

If you want to do the museums in Vienna you will need to set aside a few days in which to properly appreciate all there is on offer. But if you don't have the time to do this, pick out the museums you most want to see and concentrate on a handful of must dos.

Mozart is, undoubtedly, Vienna's most famous son and at the Mozarthaus you can take a look around the house Mozart lived in for a portion of his life, composing The Marriage of Figaro and The Impresario. On an unimpressive side street, Mozart's house is a blink and you'll miss it building. Take a map along with you, as perhaps the only clue that you have reached the famous composer's former dwelling is the other tourists busily seeking out the same place.

If you love music you can also visit The House of Music. An interactive museum which allows you the chance to virtually conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Be warned though, this museum takes up seven floors, so set aside enough time to enjoy the experience without rushing.

But if Art is your passion you'll find enough in the way of museums in Vienna to take up days of your trip.

The Museum of Fine Arts was built between 1872 and 1891. Designed by Gottfried Semper and Karl Von Hasenaur, this museum is considered to hold some of the most important collections and exhibits in the world. The Museum of Applied Arts is also an important and essential attraction to anyone with a serious interest in the art world. This museum is situated on the Ring Boulevard, Vienna's most stunning road, where you will also find the newly opened Moya — The Museum of Young Art. A museum for contemporary European art exhibits. Also worthy of a visit are The Albertina Graphic Arts Collection, thought to be the largest graphic arts collection in the world, Secession, a museum of contemporary art which, with its art deco façade and unusual exterior is, as a building, and exhibit itself, and lastly The Belvedere Arts Collections. This collection of Austrian paintings and invaluable works by Gustav Klimt among others, is displayed in two palaces in a stunning park. This gives the visitor a unique way in which to enjoy some of the most important pieces of art in the world. The artwork on display is complimented by this inspiring setting and a wander around the exterior of the galleries is as exciting as the time you will spend inside the buildings themselves.

But if you have done all that Vienna has to offer in the way of art, or you prefer something a little different, one of Vienna's other famous sons, Sigmund Freud also has a museum dedicated to him in the city. Like The Mozarthaus, the Sigmund Freud Museum is the psychoanalyst's former home. Once Freud's office and private apartments, his daughter has now opened up the building as a museum where visitor's can learn about the great man's life and work.

With so many museums, exhibits, galleries and examples of fine architecture in the city, it would be impossible to see them all, unless you were planning to stay for some considerable time. But with so much on offer in Vienna that is certainly an attractive option. As you walk the streets in order to get from one exciting display of culture to another, the impressive statues of great men of Vienna like Goethe, Freud and Mozart give you some idea of the depth of history and culture this city has. Take your time and fit in as many of these attractions as you can. You won't be disappointed.