Travel Austria: The Imperial Collections in Vienna

Travel Austria: The Imperial Collections in Vienna

There are many places worth visiting in Vienna. If the history of Austria's imperial family is of particular interest to you, we recommend that you visit some of the imperial attractions that are located around the city. Amongst these attractions are three superb collections that feature thousands of items which were used by the imperial family during their extensive rule over the country. 

Vienna Imperial Furniture Collection1. Imperial Furniture Collection.
Vienna's Imperial Furniture Collection is located at the former site of the Imperial Furniture Depository, from where all imperial furniture was distributed and sent for repairs. The collection is home to several thousand pieces, ranging from common everyday items to the more obscure furnishings that were used in the various imperial households.

Vienna Imperial Coach Collection2. Imperial Coach Collection
The Imperial Coach Collection features around sixty coaches, carriages, and sleighs that were used by the imperial family in the past. Located in one of the secondary wings at Schonbrunn Palace, the coaches still have all their original painted decorations and accessories. Also on display are several riding outfits and harnesses used by the imperial family, plus a collection of paintings that depict some of the family's horses.
Carriage Museum

Imperial Silver Collection of Vienna3. Imperial Silver Collection
The Imperial Silver Collection is located at Hofburg – the winter residence used by the imperial family during the Habsburg dynasty. The collection contains a magnificent range of items including porcelain centerpieces, exquisite glassware, and fine china. Before you leave, stop by the Café Hofburg and enjoy your own royal dining experience.
Silver Collection

All three collections contain a wide range of exhibits straight from the city's past and will leave you with an indepth understanding of the lifestyle of Austria's imperial family.