Vienna - Where to go, what to see!

Vienna - Where to go, what to see!

Hi welcome to the Vienna City Blog :) Visiting Vienna? Well we've written a little something to get you started!

Vienna is Austria’s capital and also the country’s primary city with a population of 1.7 million. Theater, opera, fine arts, and classical music all have a long tradition in Vienna. Many famous museums, opera houses, palaces, religious sites, parks, and other historical landmarks claim residence in Vienna, including:



Imperial Treasury (Schatzkammer)
Historically, the Imperial Treasury was where the feudal rulers stored their most precious belongings. Guarded safely within the Hofburg Palace, the Schatzkammer is home to a breathtaking collection of treasure, including the relics of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian Empire. The most impressive piece from the collection is the imperial crown, dating back to 962 AD. Set within the crown is a dazzling display of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Hitler took the crown to Nürnberg in 1938, but the American infantry returned it to its rightful place in Vienna after the end of the war.



Secession Building (Secessionsgebaude)
Secessionsgebaude contains an impressive collection of contemporary art, including Gustav Klimt’s “Beethoven Frieze,” a 30-meter-long interpretation of Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” Secession Building is modern, right down to its groundbreaking aesthetic architecture, which caused quite a stir in old-fashion Vienna.

Museum Quarter (MuseumsQuartier Wien)
A collection of old and new buildings, forming a mega-museum. In total, MuseumsQuartier contains 20 museums and cultural organizations, not to mention cafes and shops for fatigued museum-goers. The three newest buildings in the MuseumsQuartier are: the Museum of Modern Art, the Leopold Museum, and the Kunsthalle Wien. The Museum of Modern Art or “MUMOK,” is Central Europe’s largest museum of contemporary art, and includes work from Picasso, Warhol, and Klee, not to mention a host of other internationally beloved artists. Leopold Museum contains mostly art from Austrian citizens. First started by Rudolf and Elisabeth Leopold, the collection now contains 5,000 pieces ranging from the Viennese Secessionist movement to Vienna Modernism. The Museum also boasts work from Africa and ancient Japan. Then there is Kunsthalle Wien, another contemporary art museum, though Kunsthalle Wien focuses primarily on trans-genre pieces, and emphasizes film, video, photography, and architecture.