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As tourist attractions go, Bratislava is one of the smaller European capitals and it's an easy day trip from Vienna. It's relative small size until now means it is still quite unspoiled by the saturation of tourism found elsewhere, allowing a comfortable change of pace and a chance to experience the authentic Slovakian culture. So why would you want to include Bratislava on your itinerary? Well, for a start, it is a very beautiful city that is fantastically well preserved, especially for a city in Eastern Europe. During the cold war era, many cities in the east were partially deconstructed to allow the building of enormous apartment blocks, which the Soviets believed were the best way to provide housing for their citizens. Bratislava largely escaped this fate, perhaps because nobody could bear to do such a thing here. Even so, there are also some excellent examples of Soviet-era architecture to be found dotted around Bratislava, including the National Council Building, and lots of patriotic statues, the most notable of which is the Slavin monument near Bratislava Castle.

The best part is that because Bratislava is such a compact city, you can see all the sights quite easily and everything is walking distance. Most people, however, do not come to Bratislava to see the communist era buildings, fascinating as they may be. There are many more beautiful and much older buildings to see, including Bratislava Castle, St Martin's Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, and the Slovak National Theater Building.  Another unusual sight you can see is the SNP Bridge over the Danube River, with it's famous UFO restaurant. Or you could go to see the clock tower at Michael's Gate, which was built in the 1300s and still looks almost brand new.