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When you visit Budapest, you're actually getting to see two ancient cities for the price of one. These of course are Buda and Pest, which have united to form the modern city of Budapest. The city is so large, however, that you'd have a difficult time exploring it all in the space of a single day. Budapest does make a great day trip from Vienna, especially if you go as part of an organized tour. Hungary is a country with a rich and volatile history. Once it was part of the Roman Empire until seized by the Huns, who were driven out by the Slavs following the death of Attila. Hungary as we know it today was formed about 400 years later, and became a Christian nation in AD 1000 under the rule of St Stephen.

In time, Hungary would join forces with Austria to become part of the most powerful empire in Europe until suffering defeat in World War One. Despite being involved in many wars, the ancient buildings of Budapest have remarkably survived. The most notable include:  Buda Castle, Vajdahunyad Casle, Parliament, Opera House, Matyas Church,  The Great Synagogue, The Rock Church, Gellert Bath House, Szechenyi Spa, Rudas Spa and Kiraly Bath House.

Many of these locations are much more exciting than they probably sound when you're just reading them on a list. All are thoroughly worth seeing, and if you have the time, relaxing in one of the world-famous spas or bath houses is an incredibly indulgent way to while away a few hours in idle luxury. The Rock Church is not one of those New Age Christian churches that try to lure in visitors with rock music, but actually a church built inside a cave. Heroe's Square is also an important memorial site to visit, with many Soviet-style statues and monuments.