Day Trips from Vienna

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Day Trips from Vienna

Vienna is a great place to stay when it comes to day trips, this is mostly because of Vienna's setting in the foothills of the Alps at the banks of the Danube river. The area surrounding Vienna is very beautiful and the city's central location makes it very convenient to take day trips by bus and visit some of the nearby towns, villages or go a little further and visit nearby cities like Salzburg.

Or take it even further, grab your pasport and cross the border to cities such as Prague or Budapest! Both cities are highly recommended.

Your day starts with a convenient pick-up at your hotel or predefined pick-up location. Take a seat and relax on one of the comfortable modern touring bus while you are driven to your location of choice. Usually driving times are arround an hour. You drive through the city where your city tour will begin with an experienced tour guide, during this walk you will have plenty of opportunity to take some nice photo's of all the important sites in the city.

After the city tour, there is free time for lunch and shopping, usually you'll meet the bus and driver arround 3 o'clock near a central meeting point. From there you will be taken back to Vienna.