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Day Trips to Prague from Vienna

Just a short day trip from Vienna, you will find Prague is an amazing city of contrasts and energy. Prague's main drawcard is it's fantastic old Bohemian architecture and spectacular scenery. People also come for the cosmopolitan atmosphere and affordable prices. Prague is a peaceful and beautiful place to visit, with plenty of attractions to keep you occupied.  It's proximity to Vienna made Prague a favorite getaway for many famous Austrians, including Mozart. The wonderful opera co-written with Lorenzo Da Ponte, Don Giovanni, was performed for the first time in Prague in 1787, and it is still performed there today.

Some of the more interesting sights you will see in Prague include: Prague Castle, Vysehrad Castle, The Dancing House, designed by Milunic & Gehry, The Infant of Prague, The Giant Metronome, The Astronomical Clock and the Strahov Monastery.

Seeing the Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the background is a vision that will be stored in your memory eternally, but that won't keep you from coming back to Prague for more!