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Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Visit Salzburg with one of our tours and you'll find this out for yourself.The city features beautifully preserved architecture that spans hundreds of years, and also modern structures such as Redbull's Hangar-7 building. Even as a structure composed entirely of metal and glass, it is arguably just as impressive as the ancient buildings of stone and wood.
The many beautiful parks and gardens make Salzburg a popular destination for weddings during the warmer months. Everything is alive with color and vitality, offering stunning vistas wherever you go. Come and visit the city where Mozart was born, and feel the deep connection this historic city will give you with the past.
Take a stroll to Hohensalzburg Fortress and enjoy a tour around all the sights it offers. There are many beautiful old churches and cathedrals to explore, and you can even visit the catacombs if you dare.For a wonderful view of the city, take the cable car ride up to the Untersberg summit. You can also relax with a river cruise, or tour the many museums and galleries of Salzburg.

No trip to Salzburg is complete without visiting Hellbrunn Palace. Local people have been coming here for over 400 years for the peace and tranquility offered by the spacious gardens. Nowadays you can also visit the Hellbrunn Zoo which is contained within the grounds.The main attraction of Hellbrunn Palace is the "trick fountains" which are a rather astonishing piece of technology built centuries ago for the single purpose of providing delight and entertainment for all who visit this extraordinary place.