Segway Tours in Vienna

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Segway Tours in Vienna

Vienna Segway Tours

Segway is a very modern way of getting around, and it can take a little getting used to, but it is in fact a really fun way to enjoy a tour in Vienna.  Segway gives you a lot of control over your movement and despite what you may already suppose, it is actually quite safe.
No major city in the world is as ideally suited for Segway exploration as Vienna, because the streets and open spaces are typically flat, well paved, and expertly maintained.  The streets are safe and people are generally polite to one another, so you should not expect the harassment you might experience in some other places when getting around on a Segway.
Apart from those concerns, you may be wondering exactly why it's such a good idea to book a Vienna Segway tour.  The simple fact is that Vienna is a beautiful and relatively compact city, but it still is large enough that walking alone will not cover much ground if you are stopping to enjoy the sights.  Segway solves this problem by giving you enhanced mobility and speed, while still allowing you to explore at leisure and stop anywhere easily.  Plus it's so much fun! 

Segway tours travel around many interesting sites of Vienna, including: 

  • State Opera House
  • Ringstrasse
  • Golden Mozart Statue
  • Hofburg Imperial Palace
  • Rathaus
  • St Stephen's Cathedral
  • Parliament
  • and many more 

Our expert guides are local residents who are knowledgeable and passionate about this wonderful city.  Growing up in and around Vienna, they have had the opportunity to learn everything about the area and they are keen to share it with visitors from all over the world, so the love of Vienna will spread far and wide.
Just because you are traveling by Segway doesn't mean it is not a serious tour.  You'll see an incredible amount of fantastic sights, and you'll have an unforgettable experience while learning a lot.  But if you're still not sure why this is a great tour choice for you, just consider this:  have you ever seen anyone riding a Segway who wasn't smiling like they were having the time of their life?  Treat yourself to this indulgent experience today with a Segway tour of Vienna.