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If you are a lover of wines, and particularly Austrian wine, then Wachau is the ideal destination for you as a day trip from Vienna. A picturesque valley approximately 30 kilometers in length formed by the Danube River, it boasts some of the finest vineyards in the region. You will find Wachau to be a delightful getaway from the commotion of Vienna. As well as the vineyards, you will also find apricot and almond orchards, and there are many cottage industries that have sprung up to promote these products, providing interesting ideas for gifts or a little private indulgence. Of course the main reason people visit Wachau is for the beautiful scenery and you'll find this in abundance. You will also see wonderful old buildings such as the Melk Abbey, which is practically a tourist destination in its own right.
The castle ruins at Durnstein are quite an interesting side trip for photographers and history buffs. Within Durnstein you will also find many other fascinating sights, and this small town has played a key role in many of Europe's most historical events, from Richard the Lionheart's imprisonment here to the battle of Durnstein during the Napoleonic Wars. Much of the history has been kept alive thanks to local museums which have preserved the knowledge of the events that took place here. To see one of the more unusual castle designs in the region, head to Artstetten-Pobring, where you will discover the seemingly out-of-place Artstetten Castle, which was once owned by Archduke Franz Ferdinand.